To do list at 5am: blog, watch a movie, run,…

It’s actually 5:15 a.m….on a Monday, but apparently my to do list on this day includes blogging.  I’m currently up, entirely too late and too long (after attending a local music festival), watching Julie & Julia and it was something of a kick in the pants reminder that it’s been four years since I posted anything to this blog.  And really it’s the second reminder that I’ve received.  The other was having a friend mention my blog a couple of weeks ago and proceed to compliment me on it despite having no recent posts.  He really enjoys the title and theme and that was akin to a gentle nudge.  So, a gentle nudge and a kick in the pants later, and here I am…sitting in bed, watching a movie about a once popular blog while restarting my own.

Now for the important part…what the heck to write about.  One might think “Well, duh…you have a wine blog…write about wine.”  And true…that’s the theme, but I have a slight dilemma: I’m not drinking anywhere near as much wine as when I first started.  This dilemma has fantastic benefits of course.  Like I dropped nearly 40 pounds and my blood sugar level dropped by 16 points (a great thing since Type II Diabetes runs in my family).  I’m also back to paying closer attention to the wines that I do drink; trying to determine what I smell and taste and how it goes with food.  But not drinking wine as much or as often presents an interesting challenge to writing a wine blog.  My friend suggested I write about wine and fitness.  Definitely a good idea since I still truly enjoy wine, but have to limit how much I drink so I can run in a straight line.  However, I also like to cook and there is a big cooking holiday coming up (actually come to think of it, there are two of them coming up), so writing about wine and cooking sounds like a great idea as well.  I believe though that I may do a bit of both, with some other wine-related musings in between.

So no pictures of wine with this post; just the picture in header with a question to which I can say, yes I do have wine.  Cheers until next time!


p.s. Though I did write this at 5:15am, I did not publish right away.  Even as inspired as I was I know the wisdom of write once and edit twice…preferably after at least a few hours of sleep.