It’s my life and I’ll wine if I want to…

National Drink Wine Day 2013-my photo

So I heard earlier today that it is National Drink Wine Day.  Well, I could think of no better day to open a wine-related blog than today.  So here I sit, typing away whilst sipping a nice Pinot Noir (a gift from a dear friend) and nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie (don’t judge…the pairing is working for me). 

As my tag line says, I’ll wine if I want to, and with this blog I’d like to share my adventures in wine.  I’m not a newbie to wine, but I’m not a wine snob either.  I simply enjoy wine and all that I perceive that it entails: creativity and heart and a sensory experience that beseeches me to truly stop and smell and taste all of what a wine has to offer.  I’ve been fortunate to have met several people who are far better versed in wine than I am and I’ll introduce you to them along the way and share with you what they’ve taught me.  And perhaps, through this blog, I may have the honor of meeting more wine-minded folks from whom I can continue to learn and share that knowledge here. And yes, sometimes I wine just because it’s fun to wine with your friends and loved ones (Wineopoly anyone?). 

So let the fun begin and join me on this journey through wine-land!  Cheers!